Guilt Free Brands Pt. 1

I was so inspired after reading about Reformation brand clothing that I thought it was time for me to research companies that will make me feel a (little) better about my spending habits. Luckily for me, there are so many amazing companies out there trying to do their bit to provide great clothing and help great causes. Chosen for their range of products, but more importantly for the ethical causes behind them.

Krochet Kids - created by three ex-snowsports enthusiasts, this company was started by them crocheting their own head gear. The entire company revolves around the idea of fair trade products and a desire to create job opportunities in Northern Uganda. It now employs over 150 people in Uganda and Peru, providing educational opportunities, safe work environments and a brighter future.

Their products are a nice range of items, but the highlights are the (you guessed it) crocheted hats. 

Coming up next is Everlane! Everlane's business is based upon close cooperation with factories. They visit each factory, and ensure the integrity of the owners and the safe workplace regulations. One of the best benefits of Everlane is the lack of price mark up. Each shirt is priced at it's true cost, and they explain the reason for it's cost along the way. It's a great way to get educated about where your clothes come from, and why they might cost so much.

They've got a range of great products, and certainly stick towards good, solid basics.

It's always fascinating to find out what companies are doing their best to provide ethical products. Not only that, but good solid basics are never anything to sniff at. 

Article by Amy Griffin

Fashion Forecast with Rainie and Abby - WEEK 3

MONDAY - High of 89° and sunny.

Layer a white tee with this blue and white polka-dotted number that matches perfectly with your morning granola and blueberries. Add some shades, white sneaks and cute school supplies— all nerds know this counts as accessorizing. [Hey guys, Abby here. Rainie thinks the t-shirt looks dumb under the dress. I disagree. I think it looks cute and youthful. What do you think?] [Hey guys, Rainie here. This looks stupid. Don’t listen to Abby.]


TUESDAY - High of 87° and partly cloudy.

Hey guys! Did you know it’s week 13 already? But who’s counting? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ How’s your semester going? Pretend to be having fun on week 13 with these FUN black pom pom earrings, with your super-cool maroon top and black skirt. Top it off with some super DUPER cool black lace up sandals.

WEDNESDAY - High of 85° and mostly sunny.

This is my (it me, Rainie) favorite outfit that Abby made-- you go girl! For hump day look carefree in this breezy tank top, carefree jorts, carefree white sandals, and dainty lady-like jewelry that is… carefree. Now go frolic carefree-ly around your Claremont campus of choice! Whatever, we don’t care.

THURSDAY - High of 84° and partly cloudy.

You don’t need to wear beanies as frequently as we suggest, but they totally tie the outfit (/room) together in these layouts so we’re just gonna keep putting them in. How great will you look in this utilitarian romper / lacy black bralette combo, though? 

FRIDAY - High of 73° with PM showers.

Guys, let’s be real, there is nothing funny or interesting about this outfit. Be basic on Friday. Throw on a comfy white t-shirt, jeans and some boots and have a good weekend. Good day to you.



Article by Rainie Kaplan and Abby O'Brien

On our Radar - Reformation

Do you ever stumble across a dress or a pair of pants and just fall in love instantly? How about a whole clothing company?

That's pretty much how I felt when I found The Reformation. Beautiful patterns, sleek silhouettes and environmentally conscious? What more is there to ask for?  

 Here is the company's mission statement: 

"At Reformation, fashion and sustainability coexist. Created in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, we design and manufacture limited-edition collections in our own factory. Located in downtown Los Angeles, we manufacture most of our products in our own sustainable sewing factory. By cutting out the middleman and selling online and in our own boutiques, we eliminate traditional retail markups. We source sustainable fabrics and vintage garments, and incorporate sustainable practices throughout our supply chain to make beautiful styles at a fraction of the environmental impact generated by most fashion brands. From our heat-reflecting roof and use of renewable energy, to the recycled hangers in our stores and 100% recycled packaging for every order shipped, sustainability is core to our business at every level. It is our goal to raise awareness around the impact fashion has on the environment and at the same time offer sustainable solutions and choices. It is our mission to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable. Join the Reformation."

  1. Now, there's a mission statement I can get behind. Every item of clothing is painstakingly ethnically sourced, and when you click on an outfit, it'll tell you how much water you are saving... Their MO is to make things as easy on good old Earth as possible.

Aside from the obvious benefits of buying from companies like Reformation, is the fact that they just have some of the most beautiful dresses. Each dress usually comes in a variety of (mostly vintage, ethically sourced) fabric, with patterns and colors ranging from bright yellows, to dusky rose to black. Everyone can find something classic and flattering - with an assortment of silhouettes that complement nearly everybody type. 

Sure, it's definitely a little pricey for college students. But when you compare the prices to popular college brands like Urban Outfitters or Free People, the extra dollars are hugely worth it for the quality and environmental benefits that Reformation provides.

Article by Amy Griffin




Staple of the Week-#FranklyFrankies

"Friends don't let friends wear average bikinis." It is this commitment to innovation that has made the Malibu based company Frankies Bikinis a trend-setter in the bikini world. 

My favorite piece? A black one-piece. While the all too recognizable "Poppy" ruled last season's beaches, it seems the "Camilla" has taken its spot. 

Why save it for the beach?  Matching your one-piece with shorts, skirts, and pants creates a variety of looks.

Pool Party // Urban Outfitters choker, Brandy Melville shorts, Santa Lolla heels, jacket NYC 99

Saturday // Vintage jacket, Brandy Melville pants, Rebecca Minkoff purse, Vans

Friday Night // Brandy Melville skirt, Steve Madden boots

With your one piece we have your Friday and Saturday nights covered. Keep updated with Frankies at @frankiesbikinis.

Fashion Forecast with Rainie & Abby - Week 2

AND WE’RE BACK WITH ANOTHER FASHION FORECAST! No one asked, but we did it anyway. Keep reading to find out what we think you should wear this week.


  • MONDAY - High of 83° and sunny. Get your study on in a cool-girl denim skirt and choker, paired with a plain tee and some fresh white sandals. Add some sunnies to hide your glazed-over, dead inside, puffy post-weekend eyes.





  • TUESDAY - High of 87° and sunny. Can’t afford Coachella tickets? We can’t either! Channel your inner flower child (or Pitzer student) with these patterned shorts and fringy bag. Simulate the festival experience by borrowing your friend Chaz’s ukulele for the day and pitching a tent on the Pitzer mounds. You should not, however, take drugs from strangers (at least not on a Tuesday).



  • WEDNESDAY - High of 91° and partly cloudy. We don’t really know what to tell you to wear on a hot, cloudy day. So to match this contradictory weather, we’ve styled a breezy slip dress with an angsty black beanie and choker. It's ok, Mother Nature, we can all be indecisive sometimes. Shoutout to the Claremont students reading this who have already changed your major three times. Clearly we don’t know what we're doing either.



  • THURSDAY - High of 72° and cloudy. How fresh are you going to look in a bomber jacket, a gold chain necklace and gold sandals? So fresh. Almost too fresh. This outfit is dedicated to my co-author, Rainie Kaplan (hey girl) because of her love of bomber jackets, photography and chain necklaces, so if you see her walking around Scripps wearing this cool, ~*fresh*~ look, make sure to holla.



  • FRIDAY - High of 67° and rainy. YIKES SO COLD AND WET YOU GUYS. We decided to protest this decidedly un-Friday weather with an all black outfit and army green coat. Black t-shirt, black jeans, black socks, black boots. Even some black coffee, so you can get in some last-minute studying before the weekend. Or whatever.



Well, that’s the weather, folks! Stay tuned next week, because who knows? We may be vlogging... or clogging. Just kidding, we'll probably be doing neither.


Your fashion forecasters, Rainie & Abby

Article by Rainie Kaplan and Abby O'Brien

DIY: Distressed Denim

Distressed denim can add an extra chunk of cash onto the price tag of any pair of jeans. I decided that I'm not down for that and you shouldn't be either. Here's how to create this cheeky distressed look:

What you'll need:





really gritty nail filer/sandpaper

The jeans I used are an old pair of "mom" jeans from Topshop that I had already experimented with by studding them. The following method works best with denim that has minimal stretch, but you can still use it on tighter, stretchier jeans.

First, I put them on and made small marks where I thought I wanted the rips; here I'm just intensifying the marks.

Then make a horizontal cut. You can kind of see the lines of the threads in the fabric. The vertical lines are easier to see so just cut perpendicularly to those lines. DON'T CUT VERTICALLY <3

Make another cut parallel to the first about an inch away. If you want your rip to be bigger then make another cut an inch from the second one and so forth. The inch business is just to make your life easier for the next step. I also made my cuts slightly different lengths; this makes it less clean and gives more of a disheveled look later on.

Break out the tweezers and start pulling out the vertical threads. When the cuts are farther than 1 inch apart this step becomes a lot harder.

Once you get a lot of the strands out, it gets a lot easier and you can start using your fingers to pull more strands out at a time and speed up this tedious part of the process.

The finishing touch is to use the "really gritty nail filer" around the main rip to amp up the distressed look. This thing works wonders and you can even create small accent distressed marks by just using the filer until the blue fades and your just left with the whiter strands. You can kind of see the texture of this nail filer, but it's intense--I would never use it on my nails that's for sure.

Aand you're done!! Throw them in the wash to finalize your new digs!

Article by Krista Bodil

Fashion Forecast with Rainie & Abby - Week 1

Do you need an injection of inspiration into your daily wardrobe? Do you need someone to tell you what to wear? No? Well, we’re going to tell you anyway! This is fashion forecast with Rainie and Abby, where we google Claremont’s weather forecast and style an outfit for each day of the week.


  • MONDAY - High of 66° and cloudy. Mondays are terrifying, so show the world you’re ready for anything (or fake it ‘til you make it) with a motorcycle jacket. We paired it with a comfy, swingy dress that’s easy to throw on and some ankle strap flats. If the jacket doesn’t tell people to get out of your way, the pointy-toed shoes will.
  • TUESDAY - High of 64° and sunny. We love southern California because it’s one of the only places with a climate that allows you to wear a warm sweater with shorts without feeling like a dweebus. Also, we’re not suggesting you carry around two purses— the layout just looked pretty and symmetrical that way. We have nothing to say about these shoes except that they’re awesome. 
  • WEDNESDAY - High of 62° and mostly sunny. We all know rompers are the best because they’re a complete outfit in one piece— like a dress— but unlike a dress, you don’t have to cross your legs when you sit down in a romper and generally have a low chance of flashing somebody. And we don’t know about you, but our Wednesdays can get pretty hectic and ain’t nobody got time to make sure their hair looks good when the stress sets in. Thus the beanie.
  • THURSDAY - High of 65° and mostly sunny. Thursday will finally be warm (ok not really, but the warmest so far this week) so this look is bare-armed and bare-bellied with a swingy white crop top so you can “Soak up the Sun” (s/o to Sheryl Crow). By Thursday, you’ve been at it all week, so let’s be real— you’re probably just going to roll out of bed and go straight to class, so throw on some comfy boyfriend jeans and maybe spritz on some perfume to hide the fact that you’ve been too busy studying for midterms to shower. Finally, we added some floral prints because yaaayyyy springtime is here!!
  • FRIDAY - High of 71° and sunny. It’s the weekend y’all! Hit the beach with ya homies in a fabulous one piece, some hater-blocking sunnies to go along with a huge, hater-blocking hat. We added some fancy, colorful, beaded sandals (flats? sandals? FLANDALS?) because by the end of the week, your feet deserve to have some fun. Oh and don’t forget your camera, keys, phone, sunblock, sweater (TY mom) and (?) toast.

Article by Rainie Kaplan and Abby O'Brien

Bohemian Sweaters

Sweaters are a staple for every closet, but the multitude of different styles can be overwhelming. Instead of giving up and throwing on your favorite chunky sweater with a boho outfit, however, here’s a few better options to pick from.



If your outfit is complex and heavy on prints, avoid lace insets, fringe, and contrasting colors. Instead, pick a thin sweater with a light texture to finish your outfit.

By luulla

By luulla

With a simple top and jeans, you can wear a more eye-catching or geometric print.

By Spool No. 72

By Spool No. 72

If you’re looking for a neutral style that’s not too generic, pick a sweater like this, with a few different components. The slit sides, changing texture, and see-through fabric are interesting, but the gentle color prevents it from being overpowering.

(Article by Margarita Gabrielle Moesch)

Brand and Trend Alert: Reclaimed Vintage

There are few things more critical to a wardrobe than one-of-a-kind pieces. For those of us not skilled enough with a sewing machine, this most often tends to mean vintage pieces-- from a 1950's cocktail dress, to a killer 1990's graphic tee. 

...which is what makes Reclaimed Vintage trend that much more awesome! The concept behind Reclaimed Vintage is ' to offer reworked vintage fabrics, clothing and accessories as well as original pieces'. AKA: a modern, funky update to a beloved, one-of-a-kind classic. Going original on the past, as it were. 

(Photos and outfits from Reclaimed Vintage)

As of now, Reclaimed Vintage is mainly found on, which boasts the largest marketplace for reclaimed goods. It's a massive rabbit hole of actual vintage pieces, inspired new styles, and a mixture of both. As such, I'll be focusing primarily on shops within the marketplace. For those who like vintage style but struggle to integrate dated pieces into a modern wardrobe, Reclaimed Vintage is leading the way. 

(Photos and outfits from Reclaimed Vintage)

Of course, that isn't to say there aren't a lot of people bringing something special to the vintage and fashion world. On ASOS marketplace and Etsy are many sellers who are updating pieces all the time. 

Jacket by Cats Got the Cream

Jacket by Cats Got the Cream

Trousers by Isolated Heroes

Trousers by Isolated Heroes

Jacket by Adorned

Jacket by Adorned

For those who aren't so interested in buying up-cycled vintage pieces, there are tons of ways you can update your vintage. You can find tips on how to do it yourself here and here.

If anything else, you can never go wrong with a patch. 

Drake Tears Perfume Patch

Drake Tears Perfume Patch

Article by Amy Griffin

Staple of the Week- #StayStrappy

Brought to the mainstream's attention with high end brands Aquazzura and Stuart Weitzman, the lace-up flat is one of the "it" shoes of this coming Spring season. 

Like all staples of the week, this shoe balances versatility with uniqueness; in other words it can be worn with almost anything but is not boring. 

I have paired my favorite looks with my lace-up flats.

Saturday Night

Sunday Brunch

Interview Day

Friday Night

Ready or Yacht

Here are my recommendations. And per the white I know it is not yet Labor Day, but I felt we should all be prepared. 

(Article by Marielle Meyer)


If there's one thing that's difficult to figure out in the fashion world, it's how to wear color. Oftentimes, I tend to veer towards monochrome when putting together my outfits, since black and white is always a surefire way to look put together. The thing is - I love color! It's always so fun to mix and match various pieces - and ever since Justin Bieber's Sorry music video came out, I've been obsessed with trying to find a balance between going overboard with the desire to wear every color and finding something I'll actually feel comfortable in.

One of the most important things about wearing color is to have fun with it. Mix and match graphic tees with patterned leggings. Of course, it's hard not to watch the Sorry music video and put together outfits with a decidedly 90's feel to them. For that time period, bright crop-tops, acid washed jeans, overalls and insane patterns were everything. There's a bit of everything in the sets I've put together. 

Coming in with the 90's influences. Giant white sunglasses a plus.

Shirt - Romwe. Shoes - Adidas. Sunglasses - Thierry Lasry. Shorts - River Island. Choker - Monsoon. Lipstick - M.A.C Ruby Woo.

This next set obviously has more 80's in it's mix up (hello patterned leggings). I think one of the greatest things about this era of fashion is the ability to bring pieces from any time period and make it modern. Pair with a slogan sweatshirt (you literally can't go wrong with Beyonce) and you've got a contemporary flashdance.

Leggings - Usapro. Sweatshirt - vintageflyclothingco. Shoes - Adidas. Bra - Usapro.

And last but not least, a combination of the two decades and an explosion of style. It's hard to resist such a cute sweatshirt - and the overalls are a 90's staple.

Sweatshirt - Vintage. Overalls - Topshop. Boots - Timberland. Socks - Topshop. Hat - Vintage. Earrings - Silkfred.

There you have it. Three outfits with crazy color and a channeling of kickass girl spirit.